an old christmas card design

11.59.  It was Christmas Eve and the Sheridan household was decorated accordingly. The fine pine tree stood proudly in the corner, adorned with tinsel that twinkled in the lights that accompanied it around the branches. The usual trimmings hung from the walls and ceilings, including a "Merry Christmas" draped above the doorway of the lounge. … Continue reading Change

There Is Life After Death

I can still die. If I'm killed before regeneration, then I'm dead. Even then, even if I change, it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away... and I'm dead. It has been a long time since I decided to sit down and post to my blog - one post … Continue reading There Is Life After Death

Do You Remember The Last Time?

Hey, remember me? The dashboard tells me it has been eight months since I last posted in this blog. That feels incorrect. I know it is correct but when time passes it doesn't feel like that time has passed. Why do we say that? I hate clichés but using that idea is the only way I can … Continue reading Do You Remember The Last Time?

Waste Intervention

The biggest thing I have noticed about my little nephew staying over at the family home, is the amount of waste little toddlers are involved with. Of course, the biggest waste is in their nappies which, at times, has left the downstairs bin smelling even worse than a bin already should. You expect this and … Continue reading Waste Intervention

There Is No Escaping Wow, has it really been TWO MONTHS since my last correspondence? Usually I try to write something down at least once a month on the blogosphere - of course, you the regular reader will know this. I guess that gives you an idea of where I am at in terms of writing anything at the … Continue reading There Is No Escaping